Pizza Tower – Wolverhmapton

Pizza tower – wolverhampton

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Cookie Pie

A thin crust base topped with our delicious home made chocolate chip cookie dough and finished off with a serving of sweet custard makes the Cookie Pie; a soft and chewy dessert that keeps you asking for more!

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What's New?

Tear & Share Cheesy Garlic Flat Bread

Our delicious Garlic Bread recipe can now be enjoyed with a flat bread loaded with cheese… It’s meant to be shared but we understand if you want to have it all to yourself!

The Spicy Danish

One of our all-time favourite topping combinations: Danish Salami, Mushrooms and jalapeños.

The Beeferoni

One of our old-time classics The Beeferoni –  Beef, Pepperoni and mushrooms.

Hot Dog Crust

Treat yourself to a delicious Hot Dog stuffed crust!
Juicy and delicious frank furter sausages stuffed into the pizza and topped with sweet american style mustard and Ketchup.

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