Pizza Tower – Wolverhmapton

Pizza tower – wolverhampton

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Try our new mouthwatering Milkshakes! Irresistibly smooth, thick and delicious.
These milkshakes are sure to bring everyone to the yard!
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A Corny new side

Don’t like Cheesy jokes? How about a Corny new side?
Delicious juicy corn cooked in butter with herbs and spices and served either with Parmesan Cheese or Cajun Seasoning.


Try our Cheesy Corn or Cajun Corn Today!

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What's New?

Tear & Share Cheesy Garlic Flat Bread

Our delicious Garlic Bread recipe can now be enjoyed with a flat bread loaded with cheese… It’s meant to be shared but we understand if you want to have it all to yourself!

The Spicy Danish

One of our all-time favourite topping combinations: Danish Salami, Mushrooms and jalapeños.

The Beeferoni

One of our old-time classics The Beeferoni –  Beef, Pepperoni and mushrooms.

Green King & Farmers Choice

Two delicious vegetarian pizzas featuring new toppings to create a unique taste experience.
The Green king – Crunchy Broccoli, juicy sweetcorn and spicy Jalapeños.
The Farmers choice – Tender spinach, Greek style cheese, sweet cherry tomato and savoury black olives.

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